Esther Perbandt at "Germany's Next Topmodel"

Esther Perbandt at "Germany's Next Topmodel"



It marks my third occasion of unveiling my collection on "Germany's Next Topmodel" amidst the dazzling backdrop of sunny Los Angeles. The preparations buzzed with excitement this time around, given the substantial format alterations this year. For the first time ever, male models threw their hats into the ring for consideration.

However, that wasn't the sole unique aspect of my involvement. I shared the stage with two other designers, each presenting their own distinctive collections, choreographies, and styling concepts—all within the span of a single day. It posed a significant challenge for the contestants, requiring swift adaptation to diverse design demands.



With a penchant for theatrical flair, I devised a special choreography: a slow saunter on the runway and a brisk return. During rehearsals, the models executed flawlessly, leaving me blissfully unaware of the impending trials awaiting them on show day.


GNTM 2024 - esther perbandt at germanys next topmodel GNTM 2024 - esther perbandt at germanys next topmodel


A highlight among highlights was undoubtedly being seated on the jury panel alongside Heidi Klum and the immensely talented two other designer Kevin Germanier and Ashton Michael. Engaging discussions ensued as we deliberated over our favorites.

Curious how the candidates tackled my added challenge? Dive in and enjoy the spectacle. 






Source all images: © ProSieben / Sven Doornkaat