The Wheel Of Time 2023

The Wheel Of Time 2023

I find myself surprised by how quickly this year has passed by. It's a sentiment we all share – that time seems to slip through our fingers, a wheel constantly turning. This year, 2023, has been no exception. It's been a year of highs and lows, a year marked by huge global challenges and personal achievements.

I somehow find consolation in the idea that time is indeed a flexible thing. We collectively navigated through a world with uncertainties and challenges, as if we unconsciously turning the wheel even quicker in the hope that the amount of negative news might finally stop. The passage of time becomes a testament to resilience, a reminder that despite the difficulties, we can withstand it.

For me, as a designer and the CEO of my brand, but also as a human being, this year has been a chapter of profound personal and professional growth. The wheel of time carried me through the cheerfulness of crazy and joyous travels, professional and private ones, filling my heart with happiness and inspiration. I spend beautiful time with my choosen family and I reconnected with my sister. Yet, this yeear also led me to a crossroads, a moment that demanded a difficult decision.

In early October, I made the painful choice to forgo a fashion show for the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week in February 2024. This decision weighed heavy on my heart, especially as it would have been the celebration of my brand's 20th anniversary – a milestone in my creative journey. The artistic direction of my shows, the meticulous planning, and the execution are a very important part of my art and besides all the work and sometimes suffering that it takes, it is a source of immeasurable joy and happiness.

But, the reality is that, at times, the relentless pace of the hamster wheel becomes too consuming. It takes months of preparation, leaving me isolated and detached. I was in need of fresh air, a moment to reconnect with my customers and engage in economically meaningful projects.

So, I made the choice to step out, to focus on the foundation of my brand and concentrate on what truly matters. The decision was bittersweet, like stepping away from a beautiful hamster wheel that defined my creative rhythm for two decades. But I knew, somewhere deep down, that closing one door would open others – maybe wider and more inviting than ever before.

In this period of focus and introspection, I will plan to celebrate my 20th anniversary in a way that will mostlikely be very different than my previous imaginations. It's a detour, a change from the expected way, but hopefully one that promises new discoveries and untold possibilities. Yes, the shortest and most way route is not always the right one.

As I look toward 2024, I feel a lightness in my step, a confidence in the decisions made, and an eagerness for the doors that have already started to open. Life has taught me that ups and downs are the rhythm of a two decade’s journey. And so, I step into the next year with optimism, excitement, and the unwavering belief that detours and restrictions are sometimes necessary for reaching our ultimate destinations.

To all those reading, may this be a reminder that, in the ebb and flow of time, embracing change, and navigating detours,  can lead us to unforeseen opportunities. Here's to the wheel of time, to celebrating our milestones in unexpected ways, and to the adventures that await us.

Thank you, and here's to a remarkable and more important, a peaceful 2024 for us all.

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