Blaenk Minds X Esther Perbandt

Together with Berlin based DJ duo and film producers Blaenk Minds we created a dance-music video to a track by Marco Resmann.

Thanks for the great support by:

  • Blaenk Minds (Production):
  • Marco Resemann (Music):
  • Dorothee v. Winning (Director)
  • Enrico Wolff (Photography Director)
  • Brix & Maas (2nd Camera)
  • Simon Schmieder (Editor)
  • Anja Kieselbach (Make-Up)
  • Dasuka Riedl (Dancer)
  • Kristian Raue (Light)
  • Anna von Rüden (Model)
  • Peter Kaiser (Model)
  • Noschka G. Shirazi (Model)