Collection: Statement T-Shirts from Berlin

Wear a statement t-shirt and become a Berliner

Wear one of fashion designer Esther Perbandt’s slogans on a t-shirt of your choice. Support with this initiative your personal “heroe”. With your statement t-shirt you become a part of it and thus of our universe, created in Berlin. This particular universe is best described by the avant-garde fashion designer as sophisticated rock’n’roll. Her philosophy is closely embedded in the prevailing life style of Berlin. Immerse yourself in this lifestyle with your esther perbandt statement t-shirt. Get the Berlin vibe in your home. Feel like a real Berliner. A bit punky, a bit avant-garde, a bit elegant - that’s the “Black-is-Colorful” mix, which the esther perbandt fashion look so consistently masters.

The ' Black-is-Colorful ' t-shirt style

There is a large selection available among our black and white t-shirts. A t-shirt with a black on black motive is quite popular, because the statement gets obvious at second glance. This particular type of tone on tone color makes this t-shirt interesting. They endow your outfit with a certain elegance. This fits perfectly the esther perbandt claim:”Black-is-Colorful”. The cut itself is unisex, and is therefore suitable for all sexes. The t-shirt has a rather loose fit and a casual style. Regardless whether you combine the t-shirt with your jeans or shorts, or you style your classical day-to-day look a bit rocky with a pencil skirt, or break the elegant evening look on the red carpet. A t-shirt fits anytime perfectly, and allows for formidable combinations. Every outfit feels rounded off. This is how you create your feel-good fashion look for every day.

A fashion t-shirt in a casual look

T-shirts are allrounder classics. T-shirts are comfortable and an integral part of our summer wardrobe. It’s amazing that t-shirts are season-less. You can wear them during the summer as well as during the winter. Short-sleeved t-shirts look great during the winter when combined with a cardigan or under one of the sophisticated jackets for women. If you purchase your statement t-shirt in oversize you won’t only be trendy during summers. Even during cold temperatures, a long-sleeved shirt underneath, endows you with a sophisticated look. For a slim fit choose your t-shirt in a smaller size. All t-shirts look great when tucked into the high waist cuts of esther perbandt pants or skirts. Worn casually or tucked in on one side, the t-shirts work perfectly in combination with the Jaybo pants that is defined by a low crotch cut.

To buy fewer great t-shirts is better

Each esther perbandt t-shirt is part of sustainable production. The prints are the result of artistic collaborations from the entourage of the designer in Berlin. The selected prints are then lovingly handcrafted in Berlin using screen printing technology. These t-shirts themselves are having high standards of sustainability and hold the "Earth Positive" label. For the production only renewable energies are used. The t-shirts are made of organic cotton and are GOTS certified. This information is displayed on the inside label of the t-shirt. The natural fabric of our t-shirt is very comfortable to wear and easy to take care of, especially during sunny days. esther perbandt cares a lot about sustainability, high quality, a long lifespan and transparency. Even a t-shirt shall be a timeless classic. Sustainability is of high importance for us. Wearing a statement t-shirt entitles you to be an active participant in protecting the earth’s resources. esther perbandt’s philosophy supports the incentive to collect fashion as we usually do it with art. This implies more conscious consumption, the selection of fewer but out- standing pieces, that maintain a long life through loving care.