LIVE in LEIPZIG and as LIVE STREAM, Thursday, July 8th, 2021, 9 p.m.


She is one of the most influential avant-garde designers in our country and an artist who has been on a “digital journey” for a year. Esther Perbandt will show the result of her journey through the digital world in her solo show "ASTRO NOIR" live in Leipzig next Thursday: Among other things, she will be the first German fashion designer to present a pure 3D collection ...


Berlin - When the lights in the Jochen Hempel gallery go off and the spotlights come on on July 8th, 2021, at 9 p.m., Esther Perbandt will take her viewers on site and on the screens at home, on a journey through her universe. The focus is a 3D fashion show, of which has never been seen before in Germany.


Directly from her exhibition, sitting in front of her textile landscapes and sculptures, the artist goes live on Thursday evening about her very current journey - how she, inspired by her participation in the globally broadcast show “Making-The-Cut” from was bitten and infected by the “Digital -Mosquito”. How she dared to enter completely new and unknown territory and try her hand at an exhibition. How her fashion and what she has been doing with her label for 17 years has inspired her art. How infinity is always a theme and inspiration, the black of the universe: ASTRO NOIR.

Most of the works of art seen in the exhibition were created digitally with the same 3D program that Perbandt has been using for her work in fashion for the past year. During this time, she not only designed textile sculptures and landscapes for the exhibition, but also a purely digital fashion collection inspired by these works of art.

"From the moment I started working on the sculptures, it was clear to me that the cycle should finish again at the end of the exhibition," says Esther Perbandt. "As soon as my fashion inspires my art, in the end art should inspire fashion again."

The sneak preview with 10 pure digital looks, which "like ghosts on invisible avatars will make their catwalk through the exhibition", says Perbandt, was created in close cooperation with her pattern maker and the Berlin company, who gave the Perbandt models reality and brought them to life. "With this purely digital collection, I wanted to break new ground and make my contribution to sustainability in fashion," says Perbandt, who will only produce the items on display "for real life" upon request. The 3D models are also only available to buy digitally. The entire collection will be presented at FashionWeek Berlin and will be available from then on.

After the presentation, the live guests as well as the digital viewers can ask Esther Perbandt questions.


For the exhibition in the Jochen Hempel Gallery, Esther Perbandt will take over the entire gallery and transform it into an “ASTRO NOIR Esther Perbandt Universe”. In addition to large-scale installations, textile paintings and sculptural objects will also be on view. Alva noto created an ambient soundtrack especially for the occasion of the exhibition.

Time and again in her long career, infinity, embodied by the tone black with its multidimensional meanings, is a central creative element for Perbandt. The different shades of black stand for sublimity, for the sum of all colors, as well as for the universe, the infinity, the difference in supposed equality but also symbolically for the origins in everything. The beginning lies in black. Black tones let the light speak. Black and light have an existential co-existence.

Esther Perbandt Astro Noir Jochen Hempel Art Gallerie
Esther Perbandt Black Ocean Astro Noir

About Esther Perbandt

Esther Perbandt, born in West Berlin in 1975, is a multimedia artist and fashion designer who studied in Berlin and Paris. She and her label 'esther perbandt' embody what stood for and still stands for Berlin: an aura of authenticity, individual coolness, and inclusion.

Esther Perbandt describes her fashion itself as an act of gender-unspecific post-feminism: Personality, autonomy and individuality make up the avant-garde style. In her artistic work, Perbandt breaks traditional boundaries and combines her two passions in an impressively unconventional way.


Astro Noir Esther Perbandt Jochen Hempel
Esther Perbandt Jochen Hempel Art Gallerie


Esther Perbandt Textile Landscapes 1 2 3 Jochen Hempel
Esther Perbandt Astro Noir Jochen Hempel Art Exhabition