DART - Weste
  • €379,00
ORBIT - Kleid
  • €329,00
V-NECK - T-Shirt
  • €89,00
  • €389,00
  • €439,00
EASE - Hose - Männer
  • €289,00
BREEZE - Shirt - Männer
  • €299,00
  • €469,00
BOMBER - Jacke
  • €749,00
BOND - Mantel
  • €1.149,00
HALF FIN - Weste - Männer
  • €379,00
JAYBO Cashmere - Hosen - Männer
  • €419,00
GEORGE - Shirt - Männer
  • €269,00
FAVOUR - Hose - Männer
  • €419,00
DART - Weste - Männer
  • €379,00
ATLAS - Hose
  • €699,00
BIKER - Jacke
  • €989,00
MOSQUITO - Overall
  • €979,00
  • €889,00
BOND - Jacke
  • €649,00
ARM - Cuffs
  • €259,00
  • €529,00
UNFOLD - Hose -Männer
  • €479,00
ASTRO - Shorts
  • €939,00
  • €749,00
UNIVERSE - Schürze - Männer
  • €329,00
EASE - Kimono - Männer
  • €299,00
CUTTED - Jacke - Männer
  • €499,00
ARM - Cuffs - Männer
  • €259,00
BOND - Kleid
  • €549,00
  • €1.190,00
PLANET E - Kleid
  • €1.799,00

esther's apparel is timeless fashion design - regardless of prevailing trends

Being brought up during a feminist active time in the 70ies and 80ies in Berlin it is no wonder that esther perbandt apparel is designed to protect and empower and let the wearer feel safe and confident. Apparel / clothes make the wo/man, as the saying goes. How somebody dresses or their entire outfit is the first impression that you get when you meet someone for the first time. It is a playful tool that encourages you to emphasize your personality as well as your daily mood, show what you want to show or even hide what you would like to protect today.

Get connected through Apparel

With the right apparel you can create a distance or invite people to get close and interested. There is no right or wrong. The most important thing is that you choose apparel which makes you feel comfortable and underlines your unique personality. esther perbandt apparel never wants to just follow design trends in order to dress people. Throughout all her collections and outfits the main message is that of providing you with an urban shell, a modern armor outfit which will accompany and empower you during your everyday journeys. Uniforms in general have always been a big source of inspiration for the Berlin fashion designer, but what endows her designs with a specific character is her way of twisting that style, deconstructing it or sometimes even implementing it in a humorous way. Apparel is not only functional but it is a decisive tool that you can use in order to explore different facets of your personality. Beautifully and thoughtfully crafted designs adorned with sophisticated patterns award clothes with fashionable characteristics that reflect an ultimate style.

You don't have to live life as a fashion victim!

Apparel can also be a piece of art, which allows us to feel free and individual on a daily basis. When it comes to apparel, physical quality, material as well as the extraordinary cut are particularly important. That is why we attach great importance to these aspects. The majority of apparel by esther perbandt consists of viscose, wool, cotton, leather, tencel and silk, that are imported from manufacturers across Europe. The production site for the apparel is based in Poland. Due to its own high quality standards, the long life of the clothing is guaranteed and thus, sets a sign against the prevailing seasonality. Furthermore, the color black is an all time popular one, carried on from season to season and thus, bears little risk to disappear into the wardrobe. We are extremely proud that the brand’s style and image can be quickly recognized by the unique, elegant and avant-garde fashion style.

You are what you wear - a big part of your personality is expressed through your apparel

The avant-garde style is not a new term in the field of apparel; it is historically coined and embodies a fashion based on uniforms. During her current collection esther perbandt has increasingly devoted herself to apparel for women. After more than 10 years of being successful in the fashion sector, a large variety of clothing items are now available for the customer to purchase. These items consist of tops, shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, skirts, jackets, coats, cardigans, vests, as well as the outstanding bridal collection, with a great emphasis on same-sex marriage.