ESTHER - Tights | Item M6 x esther perbandt
  • €59,00


ESTHER - Stay-Ups | Item M6 x esther perbandt
  • €59,00
F*** ME - Seiden Manschette
  • €299,00
F*** ME - Tencel Manschetten
  • €269,00

The limited edition ist part of the Esther Perbandt collection BERLIN BEAT and features an all-over design with the collection’s signature pattern.

„The Berlin-based fashion icon and ITEM m6 share the same values:
We create designs that make you feel strong and protected.“

"ITEM m6 was founded on the values of creativity and female empowerment. We are proud to partner with one of the world's most exciting artists to reshape the status quo: Esther Perbandt"