Collection: Essentials by esther perbandt

What distinguishes Ready-to-Wear from our Essentials?

While most apparel that Esther Perbandt designed can be defined as NON ready to wear, by means of, production made clothing that is available in finished condition and in standardized sizes, which is based on standard patterns that nowadays many famous fashion designers have included in their various collections, Esther Perbandt remains true to her avant-garde inspired fashion design. However, what you can rather find at esther perbandt are essentials among unique assortment. Essentials are those pieces of fashion that are perfect all rounders and can be worn at any time and under numerous conditions, like the white t-shirt or the black pants. They become the main ingredients in an outfit and represent at the same time a unique fashion style that reflects the individuality of our personalities.

T-Shirts - a concrete element of Essentials by esther perbandt

The infamous esther perbandt statement t-shirts are perfect essentials for your every day casual as well as formal look. The statement t-shirts are made of high quality organic cotton and are available in black and white carrying either same color or opposite color slogans that are the creative work of Berlin based artists. They are available in a unisex cut promoting successful collections of esther perbandt like NO SHOW, LOVE IS STRONGER or 13. However, the PEX SISTOLS statement t-shirt is among the most popular ones and a must-have for every fashion lover. The numerous ways of combining your favorite statement t-shirts helps you to redefine your daily look and encourages discovering possibilities in styling.