Making the Cut - all stars & contestants season 1-3

All stars & contestants - season 3

All stars & contestants - overview of season 3


It's once again about the prize money of one million dollars and an exclusive contract with Amazon Prime. All stars & contestants of this year's video casting show Making The Cut Season 3 are impressive. The ten super talented fashion designers, who graduated from outstanding fashion schools or who are now making their dreams come true with touching pasts, are once again doing everything they can to win this special prize. The various tasks and extraordinary challenges are evaluated by a jury to find the best designer among the stars & contestants. Who will present the one winning outfit at the end?

All stars & contestants - Ciara Morgan


Since she does not have any support from her parents in her dream of becoming a fashion designer, Ciara Morgan studies business administration and fashion design at the same time. Growing up in a difficult area, Watts, she is driven by that childhood to create her own success story as one of the Season 3 stars & contestants.

All stars & contestants - Curtis Cassell


One of the Making The Cut - Season 3 stars & contestants, Curtis Cassell comes from Ohio, USA. He is a fashion designer and taught himself his skills. Inspired by Hollywood films since childhood, he now wants to try his hand at being a Prêt-à-porter-Designer.

All stars & contestants - Emily Bargeron


Emily Bargeron is one of the fashion designers featured in Making The Cut Season 3. She's from Georgia, USA and is a total entrepreneur. In addition to her own vintage boutique and ice cream shop, she is also a full-time fashion designer for her own fashion label, Mamie Ruth. She was also awarded as Savannah's Best Designer for the sixth year in a row.

All stars & contestants - Gabriella Meyer


Denimcratic is the fashion brand of Gabriella Meyer, who works full-time as a fashion designer. Originally from California, USA, she now resides in Los Angeles to build and grow her brand in season 3 of Making the Cut.

All stars & contestants - Georgia Hardinge


Georgia Hardinge is loud, outspoken and hungry for victory. After an accident that left her with 3rd degree burns, the British native thought she could never design and live her dream again. After graduating from the Parsons School of Design in Paris, the designer is now doing everything in her power to win Making The Cut Season 3.

All stars & contestants - Jeanette Limas


MTC all stars & contestants Season 3  - Jeanette Limas comes from a poor background. She moved to New York to learn English and thereby achieve something big in her life. Originally from the Dominican Republic, she then studied at Parsons and has already managed to be named Young Designer of the Year and to present her fashion at New York Fashion Week.

All stars & contestants - Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert


Montral-raised designer Markantoine Lynch-Boisvert is up for a challenge and takes on the top designers in Making The Cut. As a victim of sexism, he stands for diversity and supports young people with their sexual orientation.

All stars & contestants - Rafael Chaouiche


Rafael Chaouiche, who grew up in a small town, now wants to fulfill his dreams. Originally from Brazil, inspired and shaped by his adoptive mother, he dropped out of college to focus fully on the fashion industry and work in a much more practical, not theoretical, way.

All stars & contestants - Sienna Li


Designer Sienna Li, originally from China, left Parsons fashion school after 3 years to set up her ownfashion brand. Her success can now be seen in several articles in fashion magazines and online editorials.

All stars & contestants - Yannik Zamboni


Yannik Zamboni already stood out from the crowd as a child. He comes from a small village in Switzerland with just 700 inhabitants. As one of the MTC Season 3 stars & contestants, he addresses various socio-political problems and questions with his designs and his own brand.

All stars & contestants - Season 2

All stars & contestants - overview of season 2


All stars & contestants of the second season of the fashion designer show Making the Cut were very interesting and outstanding contestants. Once again, the aim was to make it to the final and secure the one million dollar price that can be won on the Amazon Prime casting show. All stars are well worth seeing. And just like the first time, all contestants have to face new challenges in each episode and create winning outfits at best, which have to convince the jury. And here are all designer contestants in detail:

All stars & contestants - Ally Ferguson


Ally Ferguson was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. At 26, she founded her first company. Her current brand, Seeker, is a mix from her life. An Organic Hemp Clothing Collection inspired by Eastern Tradition with a Modern design perspective.

All stars & contestants - Andrea Pitter


Andrea Pitter as one of the contestants dreamt of Pantora Bridal as a 12-year-old girl. In 2013 she opened her first boutique. Since Pantora Bridal opened in New York, her mission has been to transform engaged women into stunning brides.

All stars & contestants - Andrea Salazar

Making-the-Cut_all-stars_contestants_season-2_Andrea Salazar

Andrea Salazar founded the brand SETA, a sophisticated, timeless and unusual brand. Her mission is to represent the new generation of women who have decided to rise and transmit confidence. She is one of the contestants to create a statement with their unique style.

All stars & contestants - Dushyant Asthana


Out of love for color, art and architecture, Dushyant Asthana created the eponymous brand, Dushyant. Using classic tailoring principles, he creates unique, bold and fresh items of clothing from handmade fabrics. The fabrics are designed in his Los Angeles studio and handcrafted by artisans in India.

All stars & contestants - Gary Graham


Gary Graham founded his brand in NYC in 1999. With the GaryGraham422 brand, he re-created the concept. In 2018 he moved his studio and shop to the small town of Franklin NY. As one of the making the cut contestants he creates intimate collections of women's clothing from antique textiles, tailor-made jacquards and natural fiber fabrics from local mills.

All stars & contestants - Joshua Scacheri


With twelve years of experience, Joshua Scacheri designs the essential men's wardrobe based in London. The multi-product menswear designer, who specializes in tailoring, is fascinated by how people think and perceive and tries to develop the needs and wishes of tomorrow.

All stars & contestants - Lendrell Martin


Based in New York, Lendrell Martin launched his label "The Lendrell Martin Collection" after years of experience as a technical designer for several brands and as a custom tailor.

All stars & contestants - Lucie Brochard


Lucie Brochard is a Parisian designer who grew up at the crossroads of French, Vietnamese and Korean cultures. She founded her brand Lucie Brochard.võ in 2015. Lucie Brochard is deeply inspired by her culture and her travels. Her fashion is shaped by influences from Japan to the USA.

All stars & contestants - Olivia Oblanc


Olivia Oblanc, the New Orleans-born and bred designer behind the street-cool New York label, ØBLANC, is at the forefront of confronting issues of gender and sustainability within the fashion industry through her collection. She graduated from Parsons in 2017 and was then among the finalists in the competitive Parson x Kering sustainability competition and ist now one of the making the cut contestants.

All stars & contestants - Raf Swiader


Raf Swiader moved to New York at sixteen years old to pursue a career in fashion. In 2016 he opened his first boutique in downtown Manhattan, where he designs and sells gender-optional clothing. As one of the MTC contestants his designs are inspired by the art, people and culture he loves.

All stars & contestants - Season 1

All stars & contestants - overview of season 1


All contestants of the fashion casting show in season 1 Making the Cut are fighting to win the one million dollar prize in the Amazon Prime Video casting show. Twelve highly talented fashion designer contestants from all around the world are competing against each other to win the finals on April 24. 2020. All contestants have to win in each episode different tasks and challenges and convince the making the cut judges to stay in the game and maybe even provide the winning outfits. In detail the contestants of the show are:

All stars & contestants - Esther Perbandt

Esther Perbandt, 44, was born and raised in Berlin, got toughened in Moscow and polished in Paris. She is the founder and owner of her namesake fashion brand which she started over 16 years ago, featuring menswear inspired but unisex avantgarde black and empowering silhouettes under the claim „black is colorful“. Over 30 collections and her own boutique for over ten years, speak of her strong will and passion. Seeing herself as an artist, she has worked on countless music videos, films and performances, amongst others with Rammstein and now on Making the Cut Season 1

All stars & contestants - Sander Bos


The 24 year old Sander Bos, situated in Hasselt, Belgium, grew up in a small town in Belgium. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and started right away his own namesake fashion brand, which is all about highly creative and avantgarde looks.

All stars & contestants - Rinat Brodach


The fearless and funny 35 year old Rinat Brodach moved from Israel to The United States / New York City, in order to follow and intensify her long lasting passion for fashion by studying design. With her own line Rinat Brodach she created a strong minimalistic fashion line - irrespective of the gender.

All stars & contestants - Ji Won Choi


The young, 26 year old Ji Won Choi from New York City was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised in Oklahoma before he now became one of the making the cut contestants. Her sophisticated streetwear design skills she developed during an inspiring education year in NYC and Paris. She got publicly known by her collaboration with Adidas where she could create what she loves most: casual elegant sportswear pieces.

All stars & contestants - Jasmine Chong


Jasmine Chong as well lives in New York City and has the creation of garments genes in her DNA. She stepped into the footsteps of her seamstress grandmother and fashion designer mother. Her very feminine and sensitively draped gowns delight women of all body types. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 31 year old Chong presented her collection at NYFW.

All stars & contestants - Jonny Cota


Jonny Cota from Los Angeles, California entered the design field in a roundabout way, after he graduated from the University California, Santa Cruz when joining an underground performance art troupe as the lead costume designer. Years later, the now 35 year old Cota and his brother started the dark avantgarde fashion label skingraft with two collections per year and regular presentations at NYFW.

All stars & contestants - Martha Gottwald


28-year-old Martha Gottwald is from Richmond, Virginia / USA and is a loud, fancy and colorful character. And so is her brand Neubyrne. She studied English and French but her passion always belonged to fashion. After a near fatal car accident and a year of rehabilitation she decided to finally turn into a profession what she always loved most: Cheerful fashion and colors.

All stars & contestants - Troy Hul Arnold


Another designer from New York is the 34-year-old Troy Hul Arnold, who was born in Trinidad and moved to the USA as a child. With his partner he launched HUL ARNOLD: a women's and menswear brand focused on redefining luxury fashion through a radical approach on the One World concept where feminine and masculine worlds converge. Arnold also teaches as a adjunct professor at Parsons and is now one of the making the cust contestants.

All stars & contestants - Joshua Hupper


Joshua Hupper, 38, was born in Columbus, Ohio. He trained his artistic skills during internships at Diane Von Furstenberg and Thakoon. After that he founded the girlish ready-to-wear fashion line Babyghost, which became a very successful e-commerce brand in China. Since a couple of years Hupper is from all stars the only one living in China, Shanghai.

All stars & contestants - Will Riddle


Will Riddle, 31, NYC, originally grew up in a trailer park in Ohio. He developed a huge passion for ultra-feminine elegance and glamour, which he twists in his own work with a modern touch. Riddle’s incredible handcrafting skills and knowledge of the métier bestowed him responsible jobs like Atelier Director at Oscar de la Renta, 3.1 Philip Lim and now men’s designer at Kith. It‘s just a question of time until he will start his own line.

All stars & contestants - Sabato Russo


Sabato Russo, 64, from Milan, Italy, is a former model who then started a successful 25-year career as a fashion designer, living 20 years in New York. Back in Italy, he is the owner of the elaborated minimalistic brand Satorial Monk and working now on a new line „Made in Italy“ called Sabato Russo, offering a timeless and sophisticated silhouette.

All stars & contestants - Megan Smith


Megan Smith is from Los Angeles, California, USA. Her fashion line Megan Renee includes all the looks which is herself like a glove: strong, sexy, feminine and 70’s inspired separates. After a long passion for fashion while creating looks for her Barbie dolls, she intensified her skills while designing for big fashion brands and retailers. Parallel she launched her own line and presented at Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Source all images: Amazon Studios / Instagram @makingthecut