Virtual Fashion

Why virtual fashion?

Why am I so fascinated by virtual fashion that I want to keep developing in this field and integrate it into my work?

My big aha moment was in 2020 during the lockdown, when we managed to send two wedding dresses to the US using digital avatars of our customers and digital fittings, without doing a single physical fitting beforehand. At that moment, I knew that this was going to be the future of fashion.

I am convinced that virtual fashion will be an extremely important part of the fashion industry, because how we present ourselves in the virtual world will be at least as important in the future as in the real world. We will have a virtual closet in addition to our normal closet for video conferencing and zoom calls when we are working at home or talking to business partners sitting on the other side of the world. Also for video games or when we meet digitally with friends or even for the social networks, where you will show yourself in photos or in videos with your virtual fashion.... There will be clothing that can't exist in the real world, for example, made of materials that don't work like fire, water or sand.



The first digital fashion collection

Then in early 2021 I started to experiment with digital fashion and developed my first digital fashion collection. This collection was shown in form of a digital fashion show video at the art gallery Jochen Hempel in Leipzig where I had my first solo art show. Ever since I am adicted to digital fashion and art.



But I will never leave the real craft, the real texture and the real fashion behind. as this is my passion. I love the craft, the tactile part of it, the details, the construction, the feel of different materials. Virtual fashion will never be a substitute for the real.

But I think as an artist it is important to never stand still and seek for new inspiration and input.

For me, it's the combination of both that is so fascinating, the endless possibilities to expand my creativity and at the same time the challenge to charge virtual fashion with emotions.

And that is exactly what I try to create with my fashion presentations and installations.


Esther Perbandt X Kunstbibliothek

„Astro Noir Lab" - 17. Januar 2023

As part of Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin-based designer Esther Perbandt is showing an immersive mixed reality presentation in cooperation with the Kunstbibliothek. Against the backdrop of the question of how she will work 100% sustainably in 10 years, she presents her elaborately made clothes with integrated chips, via which the value chains and origins of the materials are digitally visualized. All 16 "Astro Noir" looks shown are part of Esther Perbandt's couture line and only available to order. However, there will be a matching "Easy Access" collection, which will then also be available in the company's own online store and in the Berlin boutique.



Astro Noir Lab esther perbandt Astro Noir Lab esther perbandt


All digital fashion creations shown here were developed with the help of YOONA.AI