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Get the sassy and individual look of the Berlin born big city brat. Esther Perbandt is showing in detail her look of the day and invites you to get a real insight. With our look of the day category you can follow her daily routine. Here she will show you how she combines and styles her endless variations of „black is colorful“ looks. Exclusive looks into her warbrobe are included. Get inspired, reinterprete or recreate her look with the hashtag #blackiscolorful.  Of course you can buy every item here, even her special jewelry pieces.

No matter the weather - with the look of the day the sun always shines

May the sun shine or may it rain buckets you can always find the perfect look of the day here. Esther Perbandt loves trousers and looks which are inspired by uniforms and strong and empowering women. She is herself a role model for a confident and independent personality. But you can also see her in more feminine looks with skirts and dresses. She always follows her guts and decides if she wants to feel more feminine or more masculine today. She likes to meander between a masculine and feminine world, jumping from one identity to another. With the Look she chooses in the morning, she also chooses somehow the identity of her day.

Look of the day includes accessories and jewelry

The designer always adds a lot of accessories to her look of the day. This is always a combination of lots of jewelry, her cell phone bag, her cap and the sunglasses she is wearing on a chain around her neck. She is known for making a lot of noise with all the metal she is wearing while clapping for example at a concert or theater performance. It is also a performance by itself when she walks through the security check at the airport. There she often gets comments on her look of the day. She once traveled with the huge stiff skirt out of the stiff cotton fabric. The security guards didn’t want to let her walk through with it and pulled her guided by two security women to a separate room where they could check in private if she is not smuggling anything dangerous under her skirt.