Gold-pill necklace from Matrix4 director Lana Wachowski

A gold-pill necklace was given to Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann Moss and the whole cast of the blockbuster movie matrix4 resurrections today. But let’s start from the beginning:
gold-pill necklace from lana wachowski director matrix4 


Gold-pill necklace from Lana Wachowski

For the premier of her new matrix4 movie, director Lana Wachowski asked Esther Perbandt to create a unique set of jewelry as a present to the whole movie cast. Since red-pill and blue-pill were one of the core elements of the matrix, Lana Wachowski asked for a gold-pill necklace to make the red-carpet day really special for the team. Of course, the fashion and jewelry designer could not deny to support such a wonderful idea and so crafted something absolutely unique.


Esther Perbandt designed the gold-pill necklace

Lana Wachowski asked the designer to create this special gift for the matrix4 crew including Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carrie-Ann Moss as Trinity in a very limited edition to honor the incredible creativity and spirit all members brought in. So Esther Perbandt created a silver-pill necklace in 925 sterling silver and a gold-pill necklace with high quality gold plating. Both hold the engraving "free your mind" and are strictly reserved for the cast of matrix4 Resurrections including Lana Wachowski, her wife Karin Winslow, Tom Tykwer and his wife Marie Steinmann, Sabrina Strehl, Esther Silex, Musician Moderna, and others ... and only 30 true fans as a limited edition each available in Esthers shop.


 Lana Wachowski, Esther Perbandt fitting designer clothing

But the gold-pill necklace is not the only gem Esther designed for matrix4 cast. A group of stars from Berlin including Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer and other stars on the red carpet for the opening of matrix4 - all dressed in Esther Perbandt black designer clothing and of course wearing the gold-pill necklace given to them.


Gift of a gold-pill necklace for Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is the superstar of the cast of the new matrix4 flix from Lana Wachowski again playing the character of Neo with Carrie-ann Moss representing Trinity on his side. Both were given the gold-pill necklace as a limited edition as well.

gold-pill-necklace for Keanu Reeves of Matrix4

 Keanu Reeves for matrix4, Esther Perbandt

In matrix4 of Lana Wachowski, the director who ordered the gold-pill necklace for the crew, the world has been rebooted. The new timeline shows changes from the matrix we last left though. In the new plot Zion does not exist anymore and the rest of humans are not any longer living in fear of the machines, but machines are partly even working for humans. Morpheus is no longer alive and someone else took the position as leader of the surviving humans. Who? You can check out when the cast with Esther Perbandt clothing carrying a gold-pill necklace will be broadcasted today on the matrix4 red carpet in San Francisco.

Find the gold-pill necklace in a limited edition here 

gold-pill necklace from Lana Wachowski to matrix4 cast