Esther Perbandt is talking about her Love is Stronger story.

Love is stronger. What a strong statement.
But what does it actually mean?

This statement is not new for me.
I first placed it on a t-shirt and even named a whole collection after it when
I was fresh out of a relationship. I was sad, frustrated, disappointed.
I was hurt and I was far away from loving myself. I felt small, stupid and
ugly in a world which is big and strong and extraordinarily cool.
I felt disappointed because I had another idea of love and what it meant to me.
Maybe I just had the wrong experience. Even though there is no right or wrong
experience. Experience is experience. No matter what it is, it makes you stronger.

In all the pain I felt, I told myself, there must be something else, this is not it.
So I dug myself through different books and had hundreds of talks with my friends
about love, trying to find an answer.

Well, now I am a bit older but not necessarily wiser.
But I did realize that the most beautiful moments you can have are when
you give love without expecting anything back. I know this sounds very wise.
Very easy to say, but to implement it into your life???

I am trying hard, but let me tell you how often I find myself
expecting something back for giving. But I try. How about you?
Maybe you can play that game and observe yourself for some days or weeks.
And maybe you have a moment of getting behind the meaning of
„love is stronger“.
It is definitely worth the try.

Much love, E

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