The color black always has been a sparkling stage for visionary individuals – like the right frame for a stunning piece of art.

Berlin-based fashion designer Esther Perbandt is known for artful fashion-creations that express a strong sense of personality, autonomy, intersectionality, and individuality. The exciting juxtaposition of uniforms and, at the same time, strong non-binary personalities, always have been a source of inspiration for Esther – yet she manages to twist that inspiration into looks that never lack sexiness. Her pieces are unique and full of character, captivating, deconstructed silhouettes combined with classical tailoring details. Her art doesn’t want to dress people up – it empowers people, makes them even stronger, nourishes their hunger for life and mirrors their ambition into their environments.

Sustainability is one of her main beliefs and goals. This already starts with classical designs, embellished with modern twists. Black, as a timeless color, underlines this philosophical belief of hers even more. Her materials are exclusively sourced in Europe and mainly from natural resources. The production is made in Germany and Poland. And, of course, Esther implements sustainable solutions whenever possible, e.g. by using only “Green Energy by Greenpeace” and much more.

As almost no other label, Esther Perbandt sticks to her DNA and roots with an inspirational consequence. She metaphorically portrays rainbows in black by applying different materials, haptics, layers and shades. To her, black is colorful, it’s magical, elegant, and graceful. (Black supports retreat and distinction, it gathers light and keeps the heat.)

Born and raised in Berlin, toughened in Moscow and polished in Paris, Esther launched her eponymous brand 16 years ago. Today it is known for its unique branding that is strongly connected to Esther Perbandt as an artist and a successful, strong and confident woman. All her creative outputs present her holistic artistic personality. The brand is more than fashion – it is a part of the essence of the Berlin Lifestyle.

She quickly gained nationwide recognition for her surprising and breath-taking fashions shows that contextualize the contemporary lifestyle. All of her collections and shows are performance-driven and challenge current meta-trends by mixed-media-art-elements. Thanks to this strong and unique art-and-personality-related branding, Esther’s fashion shows always achieve to be “talk of the town”.