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Amazon Prime Making the Cut: Where to watch?


Making the Cut will not be available on other streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Apple TV+, Disney+, Youtube or classical TV due to the exclusivity of the show with Amazon Prime. After convincing the judges Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn to switch from Project Runway to Amazon Prime and raising the prize money to one million us-dollar, the online retailer secured itself the right to exclusively present the show on its digital video channel. So, if you want to know where to watch the show, you need to have a registered Amazon Prime account, log-in online or in the app and watch it on Amazon Prime Video.




Amazon Prime Video online stream


In the year 2020 we expect Amazon to have about 150 million registered Amazon Prime customers. Out of this group approximately 60 million of them can be calculated to be actual Amazon Prime Video users. In detail we guess that there are about 40 million Amazon Prime Video viewers in the United States, leaving the remaining part of around 20 million customers spread across the rest of the world. Most of these customers can be found in Canada and Europe while Germany and UK represent the major countries in this region. The difference of Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime focuses on quick delivery of Amazon shopped products to your door. Connected to this account one gets Amazon Prime Video for free and hence has access to thousands of movies, shows, series and amazon exclusive productions - out of which Making the Cut is one of them. Other than on linear television the show will not be broadcasted on live TV, but rather per online stream, so one can at all times start watching the show without waiting for air times of classic television. Restricted are only the start dates of each episode pair - so premiere for episode 1 and episode 2 is on March 27th and every Friday following this date two episodes will be put online to the Amazon Prime Video channel.





Amazon Prime in Germany

To be able to see Amazon Prime Making the Cut in Germany, you have to have an Amazon Prime Account in Germany - similar like in all other countries. Neither like everywhere else globally, there is no possibility to watch the show on TV in Germany or on another online streaming service - Making the Cut runs exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.


Source all images: Amazon Studios