Swarovski X Lyra Pramuk X Zeit Magazin X Esther Perbandt


Performance artist Lyra Pramuk embracing her song "Moon" at ZEIT MAGAZIN UNLOCK STYLE CONFERENCE in the custom-made show-dress "For Moon" designed by Berlin fashion designer Esther Perbandt embellished by over 7.000 Swarovski® crystals. The performance took place on 4th of July at Kraftwerk Berlin.

Lyra’s graceful and elegant stage presence, her experimental electronic music combined with her opera singer background, and the movement that she explored in the “For Moon” dress, impressed and moved her audience magically.

The moon has been and still is a source of inspiration for individuals in many interdisciplinary fields. It doesn’t shine but only reflects light, it’s visible just as much as it can be invisible, known as unknown, with an unconscience influence over our lives at large. And just as the moon can’t be fully grasped and described in words, Esther’s approach to fashion design remains bottomless and astonishing in nature over time.


Watch her performance here!