Collection: Accessoires

Fashion accessories cannot be underestimated

For Esther Perbandt fashion and accessories themselves have always meant more, than just sheer apparel creations. Adorning the body by including various bag model designs, her gold- and silver-plated jewelry assortment, scarfs, belts, as well as her famous unique shoulder torso pieces were perceived from the start as a necessary part of her fashion and accessories lines. Already at an early age she was drawn towards making smaller accessories which she enthusiastically tried to sell in the streets she grew up in. Later in life when Esther Perbandt was already engaged in her fashion design career the essential accessories like bags, scarfs and belts found their way to shine in each and every collection that she put out there. Her European post-graduate master in Paris helped her improve and develop further her skills and knowledge in accessories design.

Bags are the ultimate accessory in high-quality hide

esther perbandt bags are among the main accessories that she designed over the years, which are mostly made of high-quality hide that she purchases from Italy. Matt and rather naturally rough looking leather is her favorite material, which she has used so far for her bags, but also in some of her apparel pieces, especially the unique warrior items from the accessories' collection.

No need to be afraid of warrior accessories!

The unique warrior accessories can be perceived as complementary to her avant-garde fashion pieces. The wearer is granted a specific look that reminds of modern uniforms worn in certain environments and underlining a position of power. In our case these accessories stand for a strong sense of personality, autonomy, interdisciplinary approaches and individuality. Equal to her warrior adornment her belts accentuate certain parts of the body and endow them with additional attention. They are exceptionally great in accompanying a formal look during special occasions. The scarf design accessories have often asymmetrical shapes or are embedded in already existing pieces of fashion like vests, jackets or coats. They convey playful elements that can be individually combined with other items of jewelry or accessories.

Golden chains and glossy baseball like caps in accessories

esther perbandt's outstanding trademark is her French military style kepi or hat, which she started wearing in 2014 after a 3-year period of research and anterior design development. Head adornment has accompanied her persona in the fashion world already before, however, rather in the form of a glossy baseball-like cap carrying a golden integrated chain. In order to support her strong fashion statement, the hat will continue to maintain a unique recognition value as well as determine a unique selling proposition for her as a brand.