The Berlin Beat is the heartbeat banging inside my chest since the moment I took my first deep breathin early spring of 1975. Thrilling, powerful, free-minded, adventurous, extraordinary, dirtyand new, it made me want even more. Being a big city brat myself, the real Berlin Beat of the city’s subculture,music and club scene has always been an endless source of inspiration to me.Turn up the volume, close your eyes and let me paint rainbows in black for you…



I was born in the spring of 1975 in Berlin, isolated by the Cold War and divided by the wall that shaped our lives in the city. Thanks to the great courage of my grandmother, who at the last moment fled to the other part of the city, I was born in West Berlin. She fled with her sewing machine hidden in the laundry basket and holding my little father‘s hand. West Berlin was the part of the city with the outsider status that creative people like David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed felt affected and drawn to, adding to part of the city’s rhythm, the Berlin Beat.

This Berlin Beat has never left. Today, people from all over the world still feel sucked in by the powerful magnetism. Already on the day of their arrival, they lose themselves in the exciting depths of Berlin's nightlife and endless landscape of techno clubs. The day after, you can still feel the Berlin Beat from the massive sound waves of the gigantic bass boxes you danced in front of.



„Berlin Beat“, is an all black universe of matte and shiny, heavy and transparent, light and shadow. Strong, protective pieces, like an urban suit of armor.

A collection dedicated to the Berlin lifestyle. It's so often said that my personality and my brand embody the Berlin spirit

and energy, the sense of freedom, the music scene and club culture, everything that we have been missing so badly the last 12 months.

Get ready to vanish into the Berlin nights and become one with the darkness. Slipping into these protective shells, you can feel the Berlin Beat beating simultaneously with your heart.