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TOOTH - Necklace
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TOOTH - Necklace
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Cuff - Plain
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FINE BUBBLE - Silver Ring
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BUBBLE - Gold Cuff
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BUBBLE - Silver Cuff
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TUBE BUBBLE - Silver Ring
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FINE BUBBLE - Gold Bangle
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FINE BUBBLE - Silver Bangle
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Forever in love with jewelry

It is pretty obvious that Esther Perbandt is in love with jewelry. About herself she says, that she is decorated like a Christmas tree. If you meet her in person, you see a ridiculous number of bracelets shining down both arms as well as various rings reflecting the light. Even if she is miles away you can hear all the jewelry bouncing off each other like hi-hats and creating her own sound by it. “The more and heavier, the better it is!” is the motto of esther perbandt.

Women of today can be feminists and still dress up

Esther Perbandt grew up in a Berlin surrounded by women who thought that a woman one cannot be a strong and intellectual one, if she underlines her feminine appearance with jewelry, nail polish and lipstick. This was a rather radical approach which doesn’t transcend into current times for Esther Perbandt. Feminists fight on different fronts today – other than the generation of our mothers did. Today we can have a beautiful playful approach to things like necklaces, bracelets or rings and still be a strong, independent and intelligent woman.

Jewelry production is the dream of Esther's childhood

As a kid she got a soldering iron and some silver wire for her birthday. From that point on she started making her own small jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets and earrings. After she had made enough for herself and the family, she started selling self-made jewelry in the streets in front of the apartment of her parents. On a small blanket she laid out all her jewelry and waited for her customers to come around. Gold is one of the important components of the identity of esther perbandt. It rounds up every style of the brand. Creating her own line of jewelry has always been a dream of Esther Perbandt. So for many years she already integrated small series of self-made jewelry pieces into her collections. But it was only in 2018 when she found Ars Vivendi, a jewelry producer who became the main contributor to all her jewelry dreams.

Jewelry in gold, silver and more

The esther perbandt jewelry, especially her empowering collar necklace, the tooth necklaces and bracelets, the HUNGRY FOR LIFE necklaces as well as the tank chain rings amongst other unique pieces are made in a city known as the “city of gold” in Germany. To keep her jewelry in a certain price range all the products are gold and silver plated. You can get an esther perbandt jewelry piece in 925 silver or 333/585 gold though. If you wish to do that please contact us, and we will do our best to make your request happen.