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Phone purse - cell phone crossbody bag

Phone purse background, sizes, materials

The new phone purse by Esther Perbandt for Bikini Berlin is, like everything from her collection, designed with love in Berlin and and this time with just as much love, handmade in India. The actual phone purse is made of organic, chrome-free, tanned matte black leather. The strap it hangs from consists of a black cord with eye-catching metal rings and carabiners. All metal components on this case are nickel free. On the cord made of polypropylene are a total of 6 large handmade beads strung from black teak wood. The phone purse is a special designer piece in leather like i.e. a kate spade phone crossbody.

Phone purse from Esther Perbandt with love for Bikini Berlin

Concept shopping mall Bikini Berlin

Finally, two long-established Berliners have found together: The concept mall "Bikini Berlin" and Esther Perbandt. The Bikini House in Berlin - the fashion mall that offers the phone purse now - was built in the 50s at Breidscheidplatz in the western part of the city  in the district of Charlottenburg. It has got its name on the one hand by its original purpose, the production of women's clothing. On the other hand, the nickname is derived from the actual garment Bikini, because the building is divided into two parts. Esther Perbandt was also born in West Berlin Charlottenburg, although a bit later. But the building and the attached famous Zoo Palast cinema were a regular part of Esther's childhood and youth hang outs. Now the two old Berliners are reuniting for an exciting design collaboration. For Bikini Berlin, Esther Perbandt has designed this special phone purse, which will be available for purchase from March 14, 2022.

Phone purse crossbody product details and cell phone fit

Phone purse in detail with silver ring and leather badge with imprint

The phone purse is made with silver nickel free metal accessories and measures 10.5 x 16, making it suitable for the following cell phones: iPhone 11, iPhone 7 & 8, iPhone 7 Plus & 8 Plus, Oppo A94 5G, iPhone 12, iPhone 13. The leather is a natural material that can be stretched. Even with the protective cover clipped on, the phones fit into the phone purse, although in the beginning the phone is very tight in the phone bag. After a short time the leather adapts to the shape of the phone and the cell phone perfectly fits into the phone purse.

The phone purse for fashionistas 

esther perbandt in black design clothes and phone purse

Make your cell phone a fashion accessory like a spencer kate spade phone crossbody - only in cool! Days are counted when your mobile was dug deep in your handbag or buried in a pouch - today you carry your phone like an everyday tool or better jewel. No more plastic phone cases, transparent rubber frames around your iphone or even a phone without any protection. Nowadays we carry our communication device around everywhere. What ever we do, where ever we go - we always have it at arms length with us and everything we need is in it: Instagram and all social media communication, chatting with friends, our complete day and week schedule and all contact details for our business. So having it all the time with and around us of course the phone in a phone bag and its appearance reflects ourselves and our style. And after iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 more or less all look the same we need to differentiate somwehow. Thats were Esther Perbandts phone purse crossbody comes in place as a cool fashion accessory - better than any other phone purse.

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