Curse and Blessing

12.000 €
Title:Curse and Blessing
Product Details
Year: 2023


Esther Perbandt, 2023, two-part Installation.

Wood, gold-plated forging nails, synthetic black hair, leather, biodegradable latex balloons.

Held by balloons, a hair-head piece, first shown and worn by four models at the Berlin Fashion Week in July 2023, is floating in the air. A pair of non-functional fragile hair sandals with a wooden sole is fixed by golden forging nails on a rough wood block. The heavyness of the wood contrasts with the fragility of the hair - as much as the immobility embodied by the forging nails contrasts with the floating balloons, aspiring to ascend to the air. Therefore, Curse and blessing exposes the gap between utopie and reality, as much as the struggle between aspiration and limitation.

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